"So Much More Than A Gym"

Studio Fitness is the world class innovation of Creators Justin Wills and Beau Stephenson.

Forged like a diamond the concept is a fusion of hardcore fitness, community and vibe! A structured system of purpose built workouts that cover all elements of fitness, free of limitations.


"Our Brand"

WE SEEK TO DISRUPT THE ORDINARY - Studio Fitness is a loud, innovative and powerful brand with no limitations. Guided by the strict application of our core ideologies, we deliver completely original and unique workouts in our relentless pursuit to revolutionise the fitness industry.


"Our logo"

FROM ANCIENT GREEK ἀδάμας - adámas or unbreakable The Diamond, born through extreme heat and intensity, symbolises timeless strength and beauty. The principles of its formation and end result are echoed by the core principles of Studio Fitness

"Our Vibe"

PLAY HARD, TRAIN HARDER - Fusing hardcore fitness with an underground club atmosphere indulging in pure energy, igniting passion and unlocking all potential.

"The mark of the Wolfpack - our tattoo"

Why a tattoo? - “It’s a statement, it’s personal and because every army needs to live by a code and stand behind it."

A WARRIORS DESIGN - Bringing together who we are! The symmetry of cuts and slices fuse perfectly holstering our Slogan Sword to form our legions mark, the mark of the Wolfpack.

Every phrase carefully selected to represent key areas of the company and what we stand for!

“Built for the front line of battle”

"Our Ethos"

DEFEAT IS NEVER AN OPTION - Resurrecting the moral nature of the Gods we carve the steps to Elysium by forging what is mortal with ultimate divine form.

Spartan law enforced - Belief in greater purpose and that one can achieve form far beyond mortal scope, through the endurance of timeless pain, dedication and hardship, glory Awaits.


A company built like a weapon, our slogan is forged into a sword. Speaks for its self.

The only way to describe the Studio Fitness concept and workout system - Strong at Everything, Weak at Nothing - No weaknesses, nothing neglected, only strength can be found from the limitless concept which covers every element of fitness.

It is also our spirit of culture and mentality, it is engraved within everything we do. It’s how we live!