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Play Hard, Train Harder

It's about VIBE - Fusing hardcore fitness with an underground club atmosphere creating pure energy, igniting passion and unlocking all potential. We live to break limits.

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"Division and Collision"

“A fitness concept built like a weapon – Precision crafted for maximum impact. Select your path to battle invincibility – Strength, Cardio or Stamina.”

Dividing your fitness aura into the powerful extremes, Strength and Cardio – Studio Fitness created Get Jacked and Cut Fat.

The collision of each extreme results in the ultimate collision of strength and cardio – Get Ripped.

The powerful core workout system is further reinforced by HardCore creating an invincible results system, free of limitation and weakness – “Division & Collision”

Become – “Strong at everything, weak at nothing”


Built to suit any lifestyle - Over 200 personalised workouts a month.

Personal Training

"Your Personal Whip"

24/7 One on One - Tailored Training & Nutrition. Your commitment, our expertise (and handcuffs) combined with the Studio Fitness Vibe means goals get met. Think 50 Shades of Hard FXXXING Work.

Wolfpack 3

Babes & Studs

It's all about a rock solid foundation - build YOURS

Wolfpack 2

Kings & Queens

Your path to results. Take your workout to the next level.

Wolfpack 1

Gods & Godesses

Your own superhero, a life changer and an expert in the art of the workout

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