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Strong At Everything, Weak At Nothing

"Extreme is the new normal" - It’s about the unbreakable - A world class fitness phenomenon led by relentless fitness professionals - forged like a diamond from raw creativity and strength to be free of weakness, dynamically multifaceted to meet the needs of every individual client. - CEO / Creator

“Disrupt the ordinary” - It’s about changing the game - A cutting edge, powerful and “no limits” brand with constant innovation that is destroying old paradigms and re-defining the art of the workout. - CFO / Art Director

"Play hard, Train harder!" - It’s about vibe - Fusing hardcore fitness with an underground club atmosphere creating pure energy, igniting passion and unlocking all potential - Break limits! - COO / Co - Creator


The Concept

"Built like a weapon"

Dividing the fitness spectrum into powerful pure extremes, strength and cardio. Studio Fitness created Get jacked & Cut Fat.

Colliding these extremes to form the ultimate fusion of strength and cardio, Studio Fitness created Get Ripped.

This structured core workout system is further reinforced by Hardcore, creating an invincible result-based fitness power pack!

“Tested Refined Evolution” – Combining only the most potent workout techniques and equipment – Interval training is divided and refined then modified and evolved – the ultimate original concept.

“Division & Collision”



Built to suit any lifestyle. Group training - Over 200 classes a month, Class Credits that never expire and Exclusive Private Classes. Personal Training - 24/7 One on One tailored training and nutrition.

Personal Training

"Your Personal Whip"

Your commitment. Our expertise. Goals get met! - 24/7 one-on-one Tailored Training & Nutrition.

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